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牡一中高三学年 上学期英语 试题





All around us buildings shook. We decided to leave the town. We stopped once we had left the buildings behind us. The carts(马车) were moving on opposite directions, though the ground was perfectly flat, and they wouldn't stay in place even with their wheels blocked by stones.

In addition, it seemed as though the sea was being sucked(吸) backwards, as if it were being pushed back by the shaking of the land. Certainly the shoreline moved outwards, and many sea animals were left on dry sand.

Behind us were frightening dark clouds that opened up to show fire--like lightening, but bigger. Not long after that the cloud reached down to the ground and covered the sea. Now came the dust, though still thin. I looked back. A dense cloud appeared behind us, following us like a flood pouring across the land. Then a darkness came that was not like a moonless or cloudy night, but more like being in a closed and unlighted room. You could hear women and children crying, men shouting. Some were calling for parents, others for children; they could only recognize them by their voices.

Darkness and ashes came again, a great weight of them. We stood up and shook the ash off again and again, otherwise we would have been covered with it and crushed(压垮)by the weight.

At last the cloud became thinner and thinner until it was no more than smoke or fog. Soon there was real daylight. The sight that met our still terrified eyes was a changed world, buried in ash like snow.

—from Pliny's letter to a friend

1. Pliny left the town after .

A. the eruption B. the sky became dark

C. the buildings began shaking D. the sea went back

2. The carts wouldn't stay still because .

A. the earth was shaking B. the sea sucked them backwards

C. the wheels had stones under them D. the lightening frightened the horses

3. It was dark because .

A. it was very late at night B. clouds of ash covered the sun

C. there was a very bad storm D. there was no moon that night

4. People tried to find their relations by calling out their names and .

A. listening to their voices B. running about looking for them

C. shaking the ash off people D. watching people as they ran past


It was a cold night in Washington, D. C., and I was heading back to the hotel when a man approached me. He asked me for some money so he could get something to eat. I had read the sign: "Don't give money to beggars." So I shook my head and kept walking.

I wasn't prepared for a reply, but he said, "I am really homeless and I am really hungry! You can come with me and watch me eat!" But I kept on walking.

The incident bothered me for the rest of the week. I had money in my pocket and it wouldn't have killed me to hand over a dollar or two even if he had been lying. On a freezing cold night, I still assumed the worst of a human being.

Flying back to?Anchorage, I couldn't help thinking of him. I tried to rationalize (找借口) my failure to help by assuming government agencies, churches and charities were there to feed him. Besides, you're not supposed to give money to beggars.

Somewhere over?Seattle, I started to write my weekly garden column for The Anchorage Daily News. Out of the blue, I came up with an idea. Bean's Cafe, the soup kitchen in?Anchorage, feeds hundreds of hungry Alaskans every day. Why not try to get all my readers to plant one row in their gardens devoted to Bean's Café?

Before long my idea took off.?People would fax me or call when they took something in. Those who only grew flowers donated them. Food for the spirit. And relief for my conscience.

As more and more people started working with the “Plant a Row” concept, Many companies gave free seed to customers and displayed the logo, which also arose in national gardening public actions. Row markers with the “Plant a Row” logo were distributed to gardeners to set apart their "Row for the Hungry."

It is unexpected that millions of Americans are threatened by hunger. If every gardener in America---and we're seventy million strong---plants one row for the hungry, we can make quite a decrease in the number of neighbors who don't have enough to eat. Maybe then I will stop feeling guilty about abandoning a hungry man I could have helped.

5. Why did the author turn down the beggar’s request?

A. He was previously reminded not to do so. B. He was eager to walk back to the hotel.

C. He thought that it was beyond his duty. D. He was short of money at that moment.

6. Which of the following is the closest to the underlined phrase “took off” (Para 6) ?

A. We eventually took off at 11 o’clock.

B. To take off pounds, you have to cut down the number of calories.

C. On hearing the news, he took off at once and headed back to the hotel.

D. His business has really taken off owing to his advanced management.

7. What is the best title for the passage?

A. Plant a Row for the Hungry B. Lend a Hand to Beggars

C. Never hesitate to Help Others D. Plan a Gardening Project


Below is a selection about Guinness(吉尼斯) World Records.

Top 6 Unusual Guinness World Records

· Fastest 100m running on all fours

The 2008 Guinness World Records Day was, according to CWR, their biggest day of record-breaking ever, with more than 290,000 people taking part in record attempts in 15 different countries. Kenichi Ito's record attempt was part of this special day. He is just another example of Japanese with“super powers”. His “super power” is to run with great speed on all fours. Kenichi Ito ran 100 m on all fours in 18.58 seconds. The Japanese set this record at Setagaya Kuritsu Sogo Undojyo, Tokyo, in 2008.

· Most people inside a soap bubble

The Discovery Science Centre in Santa Ana, California celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Bubble (泡泡) Festival this year. A bubble's maths principles and science were presented and demonstrated at the three-week-long exhibition. The intriguing Bubble Show was also part of the programme. Fan Yang and Deni Yang impressed the audience with their awesome skills for bubble making. The Yang family cooperated with the Discovery Science Centre to set a new Guinness World Record for most people inside a soap bubble and they succeeded.

The family that has been working with soap bubbles for 27 years created a huge soap bubble and got 118 people inside it. The record was set on April 4, 2011.

·Longest ears on a dog

A bloodhound (大警犬) from Illinois has the longest ears ever measured. The right ear is 13.75 inches long and the left one 13.5 inches. The dog named Tigger earned this title in 2004 and is owned by Christina and Bryan Flessner.

Mr Jeffries is the previous record holder of this title. Each of his ears measured approximately 11.5 inches long. His grandfather used to hold this amazing world record, but when he died Mr Jeffries took over.

·Most living generations

Did you ever wonder what is the Guinness World Record for most living generations in one family? Seven is the answer.The ultimate authority on record-breaking mentions on the website that the youngest great-great-great-great grandparent of this family was Augusta Bung “aged 109 years 97 days, followed by her daughter aged 89, her granddaughter aged 70, her great granddaughter aged 52, her great-great granddaughter aged 33 and her great-great-great granddaughter aged 15 on the birth of her great-great-great-great grandson on January 21, 1989”.

·Most T-shirts worn at once

Believe it or not, there is a record also for this category. Krunoslav Budiseli set a new world record on May 22, 2010 for wearing 245 T-shirts at the same time. The man from Croatia was officially recognized as the new record holder by Guinness World Records after he managed to put on 245 different T-shirts in less than two hours. The T-shirts weighed 68 kg and Budiseli said he began struggling around T-shirt No.120. He dethroned(罢黜)the Swedish Guinness record holder who wore 238 T-shirts.

·Heaviest pumpkin(南瓜)

Guinness World Records confirmed on October 9,2010 that a gigantic pumpkin grown in Wisconcin was officially the world's heaviest. It weighed 1,810 pounds 8 ounces and was unveiled by Chris Stevens at the Stillwater Harvest Festival in Minnesota. Stevens' pumpkin was 85 pounds heavier than the previous record, another huge pumpkin grown in Ohio. The proud farmer said his secret is a precise mixture of rain, cow waste, good soil, sea grass and fish emulsion. Some of the world's heaviest pumpkins, including the record holder, were on public display at the Bronx Botanical Gardens in New York for a dozen days.

8. Why is Kenichi Ito described as a man with a “super power”?

A.He set a good example to all Japanese.

B.He made record attempts in 15 different countries.

C.He set a new record for “Fastest 100 m running on all fours”.

D.He participated in the 2008 Guinness World Records Day activities.

9. Jeffries is the name of________.

A.the owner of the dog with the longest ears

B.the grandfather of the dog with the longest ears

C.the present holder of the record for “Longest ears on a dog”

D.the former holder of the record for “Longest ears on a dog”

10. How many T-shirts had Krunoslav Budiseli put on before he felt it difficult to go on?

A.68. B.120. C.238. D.245.

11. According to the given information, which Guinness World Record was most recently set?

A.The record for “Most people inside a soap bubble”.

B.The record for “Most living generations”.

C.The record for “Most T-shirts worn at once”.

D.The record for “Heaviest pumpkin”.


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