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凤阳荣达学校高三 《一轮复习》

高中英语(必修一)随堂检测 unit.1 1


1.The children got ____________(厌烦的) with the same food day after day.

2.At ____________(午夜), the man arrived at his house, safe and sound.

3.It is ____________(急迫的) that we should take action to protect the environment.

4.The scientist grew up in a ____________(遥远的) village.

5.My brother asked me to ____________(转换) over to CCTV 10.

6.The woman often ____________(抱怨) to her parents about her husband.

7.I ____________(猜想) that the man has known the whole truth.

8.The old man is living a ____________(平静的) life in the countryside.



Please speak clearly ________________ they may understand you.


How long ____________________your homework?


I stay with my brother __________________.


Roses need special care____________they can live through winter.

=Roses need special care____________live through winter.


It’s fun to explore new places, even though you know __________________________.


A Couch Potato

When Brian Blakey wakes up he doesn’t get up 1. (immediate).He turns on the television and watches it until about half past ten. Then he goes downstairs and 2. (switch) on the TV in the living room. He watches TV almost all day and if there is a good play 3. BBC 2, he switches over and watches it. He usually switches off the TV at about two o’clock. He also takes Tina, the dog, for a walk every afternoon, but doesn’t go far. He always takes his portable TV and watches 4. on the stone wall. He lives this lifestyle because he has a good wife. Here’s the remote control. He has got the world at his feet. Great!

A Workaholic

Bob Black is sitting at his desk and working his way through his paperwork. He always gets up early and is always the first person 5. (get) to the office. He is very busy all day. Every minute of the day 6. (fill) with 7. (urge) matters. By around eight o’clock, he usually finds some time to do his own paperwork and answers some 8. (person) emails. When he gets home, he looks at some 9. (document) that he brings back from the office. He seldom has time 10. fun. His family complains about it. But he likes being busy.


1.As we all know, everyone is affected by the ____________(stress) situation.

2.It is reported that that area is in ____________(urge) need of food and fresh water.

3.A few years later, I dropped medicine and took ____________physics.

4.The thieves ran away when the alarm went ____________.

5.An alarming number of ____________(complain) have been filed against him.

6.Everyone is supposed ____________(bring) a bottle to the party in that village.

7.The book is so ____________(bore) that I don’t want to read it any more.

8.She was the first woman ____________(win) the gold medal in the Olympic Games.

9.I’m good at playing table tennis, ____________my brother is good at playing tennis.

10.Listening to soft music can make you feel ____________ (relax) sometimes.


随堂检测 unit.1 1

1.peaceful 2.suppose 3.complains 4.switch 5.remote 6.urgent

7.midnight 8.bored

you are not the first to have been there that/in order that;in order to/so as to

3.while I am in Beijing 4.does it take to do that

1.immediately 2. switches 3. on 4. it 5. to_get 6. is_filled 7. urgent

8. personal 9. documents 10.for

1.relaxed 2.while win 4.bored bring 6.complaints 8.up

9.urgent 10.stressful

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