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随堂检测 unit.1 2


1.He is____________(遭受) from a bad cold.

2.Opinions on various____________(社会的) questions differ from person to person.

3.The____________(志愿者) for community service are doing a good job.

4.The new model of the car____________(设计) by the engineer is popular with the youth.

5.To build a road in the mountainous area was a real____________(挑战).


1.The bicycle rider suffered of serious injury.

2.I prefer the quiet countryside for the noisy cities.

3.A scientist must produce evidence in support for a theory.

4.We found that very hard to complete the task on time.

5.The boy felt stressful when he had taken on the new task.



________________________ in the countryside?

2.我们到达那里时, 发现那座房子被毁掉了。

When we arrived there, we ____________________.


I find her an easy woman __________________.


I find __________________ to learn Chinese.


The way ______________________ hasn’t been decided yet.

Ⅳ. 单句语法填空

1.After graduating ____________the key university, she went to the countryside.

2.I can’t stand people____________(make) noise around my office.

3.It is____________ beautiful a picture that I’ll hang it in my room.

4.When we were staying there, we found the people there ___________(lead) a simple life.

5.I had planned to travel around the country alone, but neither of my parents ____________(support) this idea.

6.The programme is designed____________(help) the homeless.

7.Working with such an excellent person is really ____________(stress) for her.

8.All these gifts must be mailed immediately so as to ____________(receive) in time for Christmas.

9.Rather than go camping, I prefer ____________(stay) at home.

10.I don’t mind where we go as ____________as there’s sun, sea and beach.


随堂检测 unit.1 2

1.suffering 2. social 3.volunteers 4. designed 5. challenge


1.去掉of 2. for→to 3. for→of 4. that→it 5. stressful→stressed

答案:1.How do you feel about teaching. 2.found the house ruined 3. to work with

4. it (is) difficult deal with the problem

1.from 2. .making 4. .leading 5.supported 6. to help 7. stressful

8. be received stay 10.long

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