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凤阳荣达学校高三 《一轮复习》

高中英语(必修一)随堂检测 unit.1 3


1.I dream of being an ____________(会计) in a bank.

2.We all hope you will recover from your ____________(疾病).

3.The weatherman has ____________(预报) that it will be fine tomorrow.

4.The injured in the accident were taken to the hospital ____________(在附近).

5.You will never be too careful to cross the ____________(拥挤的) street.


1.She is such good and kind a girl that we all like her.

2.The children in this school are looking forward to meet you.

3.The famous singer is travelling in Europe at a moment.

4.Make sure of that you close all the windows when you leave.

5.I was busy then, otherwise I would helped you.  完成句子



This book is __________________ I read in my friend’s home yesterday.


Tom was so ______________he was praised by the teacher.


It is by no means clear____________________to end the strike.


Debbie is an 1. (account) in a large company in London. She often travels to work by tube. Usually,it is so 2. (crowd) that she can’t find anywhere to sit.3. lunch she often gets a sandwich in a sandwich shop. She often attends dance classes and goes to the gym,4. she doesn’t get enough exercise. At the weekend she sometimes drives to the countryside with her friends if the weather 5. is good because they can go 6. (walk) where there are no shops,crowds or the tube. And the fresh air is so good 7. her. She loves it.

Paul lives in a small village in the north of England. He lives and works on the farm. There are many things to do on the farm all day. He works hard to make sure the cows,sheep,pigs and chickens on his farm are free of 8. (sick).In the evening he likes to play with his children. Now he is studying Chinese by distance 9. (learn).When Paul and his family are in London,he likes to buy a few 10. (cigar),but his wife loves looking in the clothes shops.

Ⅴ. 单句语法填空

1.Go home right now—____________,your parents will worry.

2.____________(work) in these conditions,as a matter of fact,is not a pleasure but a suffer.

3.Your desk is ____________(crowd) with too many unnecessary things.You have to remove some of them.

4.It was several weeks before he was completely free____________pain.

5.It is no use ____________(talk) with Bill because he will never change his mind.

6.They traveled on horseback for many days and reached____________is now Gum Tree.

7.I am at least the same age____________Robert if I am not older than him.

8.I can’t tell you the exact time when I will get there,maybe at eight or at nine or still later.____________,I’ll be there as early as I can.

9.Life was different then but things____________(get) better and better over the years.

10.Some of you may have finished Unit One.If____________,you can go on to Unit Two.

Ⅵ. 单句语法填空

1.I feel that I ____________(make) progress with her from now.

2.I will go with you as soon as I ____________(finish) my work.

3.The train ____________(leave) at 7:00, and there is little time left.

4.They will stay inside unless it ____________(stop) raining tomorrow.

5.Hurry up, for the shop ______________(close) in a minute.

6.Next time I come here, he ____________(tell) me something important.

7.When it ____________(come) to the question, I will make no answer.

8.How often ____________the woman ____________(go) to the park?

9.The woman ____________always ____________(complain) about her life.

10.His son ____________(leave) school in one year’s time.


随堂检测 unit.1 3

1:crowded 2:nearby 3:forecast 4:sickness 5:accountant

1.would后加have 2.去掉of 3.a→the→meeting 5.such→so

1:what the president can do 2:honest a boy that 3:the same that

1. accountant 2. crowded 3. For 4. otherwise 5.forecast 6. walking 7. for

8. sickness 9.learning 10. cigars

1:so 2:have got 3:Anyhow/Anyway 4:as 5:what 6: talking 7:of

8:crowded 9:Working 10:or/otherwise

1:is leaving 2:is; complaining 3:does; go 4:comes 5:will tell 6:is closing

7:stops 8:leaves 9:finish 10:will make

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