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1. I had great difficulty the suitable food on the menu in that restaurant.

A. find B. found C. to find D. finding

2. Rather than TV, he prefers books at home.

A. to watch; to read B. watching; reading C. watch; to read D. to watch; reading

3. On Monday mornings it usually me an hour to drive to work although the actual distance is only 20 miles.

A. takes B. is taking C. took D. will take

4. We tried to find a table for seven, but they were all .

A. given away B. kept away C. taken up D. used up

5. You are old enough to your own living.

A. win B. gain C. take D. earn

6. ---- I don’t understand why you didn’t go to the lecture yesterday afternoon.

---- I’m so sorry. But I my homework.

A. had done B. was doing C. would do D. am doing

7. Usually John would be late for meetings. But this time, to my surprise, he arrived on time.

A. little B. much C. ever D. even

8. Lydia doesn’t feel like abroad. Her parents are old.

A. study B. studying C. studied D. to study

9. I stopped the car a short break as I was feeling tired.

A. take B. taking C. to take D. taken

10. Use your head, you’ll find the answer to the question.

A. or B. and C. but D. so

11. She pretended me when I passed by.

A. not to see B. not seeing C. to not see D. not see

12. It is often that human beings are naturally equipped to speak.

A. said B. to said C. saying D. being said

13. ---- Linda didn’t invite us to the party?

---- ? I don’t care.

A. For what B. So what C. What’s on D. What’s up

14. He had no sooner finished his speech the students started cheering.

A. since B. as C. when D. than

15. Many people protest killing wild animals for food.

A. for B. to C. against D. on

II. 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,共30分)


When I woke next morning, I was dying of 16 . I seemed to have a hole instead of a 17 .

I dressed quickly and hurried down to the dining room. It was a big room with six tall windows and the ugliest wallpaper I have ever seen! 18 , I had been told the hotel was not beautiful but that you were better 19 there than in any other hotel; and that was 20 I wanted just then.

The waiter came hurrying up. Before I came downstairs I had prepared 21 carefully for what I must 22 . I had looked three times in my dictionary to make sure 23 “breakfast” really meant “breakfast”. I had tried to get the right 24 and I had stood in front of a mirror and twisted my mouth until it ached.

The waiter asked me 25 I could not understand, but I spoke only my one prepared word “breakfast”. He looked at me in a 26 way. So I repeated it. Still he did not understand. It was

27 that English people didn’t understand their language. The waiter 28 his head and went away, but he came back in a minute and brought a tray with tea, bread and butter --- enough to feed a small army --- and went away. But I was hungry, and I left 29 . when the waiter came back I thought his face showed a little 30 , but you can never 31 what a waiter’s face really shows. In another minute he brought 32 tray with some bacon(熏猪肉)and some eggs. He 33 have misunderstood me, but I thought it was no use explaining to the people who don’t understand their own language, so I just set to work on the bacon and eggs, wondering whether I could possibly clear that plate.

Well, I finished the bacon and eggs. I got up and made my way slowly to my room---at least five pounds 34 . I never believed until then that any meal could 35 me, but on that day I met my Waterloo(滑铁卢).

16. A. hunger B. cold C. anger D. illness

17. A. stone B. head C. breast D. stomach

18. A. Therefore B. Otherwise C. So D. However

19. A. received B. fed C. cared D. eating

20. A. where B. what C. how D. why

21. A. money B. meals C. questions D. myself

22. A. speak B. answer C. say D. explain

23. A. that B. about C. of D. to

24. A. pronunciation B. meaning C. form D. spelling

25. A. whether B. something C. when D. everything

26. A. surprised B. friendly C. puzzled D. touched

27. A. unbelievable B. true C. thoughtful D. impractical

28. A. waved B. shook C. bowed D. patted

29. A. much B. little C. nothing D. empty

30. A. pleasure B. surprise C. pride D. satisfaction

31. A. tell B. guess C. design D. express

32. A. other B. another C. more D. the other

33. A. should B. might C. would D. must

34. A. lighter B. heavier C. weightier D. more

35. A. hurt B. fat C. defeat D. please

III.阅读理解 (共20小题;每小题2分,满分40分)



Birthdays are celebrated(庆祝)all over the world. Some ways to celebrate birthdays are rather similar from county to country: candles, cakes, and birthday wishes. But there are also different ways to celebrate birthdays. Here are a few:

36. When someone is having a birthday in Denmark, you can see _____ outside the window. B.presents C.a flag D.a chair

37. In _________ flowers are put on the chair of the birthday child.

A.Japan B.Denmark C.India D.Holland

38. In _______, only birthday children wear colored clothes to school.

A.India B.Holland C.Denmark D.Japan

39. In Japan, the birthday is more important for boys when they are ________.

A.15 B.7 C.5 D.3

40. The passage is mainly about __________.

A.similar ways of celebrating birthdays in some countries

B.different ways of celebrating birthdays in some countries

C.children’s birthdays in western countries

D.the importance of children’s birthdays


Learn to relax. Overwork is the main reason why so many students feel tired and stressed(紧张). Cut down some of the jobs you need to do each day so that you can only focus on the most important things. Leave time for activities that are relaxing and fun. This might mean reading a good book, listening to the music, going for a walk or taking a relaxing bath.

Get a good night’s sleep. Getting enough sleep will help you keep your body and mind in the best form. If you stay up late and need to get up early for school the next day, you may not be able to concentrate(集中)on the things you need to do.

Exercise regularly and eat well. Don’t rush through your meals. Eat less junk food(垃圾食品)or fast food. Eat healthy food instead.

Get to know pleasant people. Some people are optimistic, while others not. Choose optimistic people as your friends and spend more time with them and you’ll be as happy as them.

Learn to be calm(平静)when you face any problem. Find out the best option from those that are in your mind. Knowing that you are able to solve problems is a good way to build up your self-confidence(自信).

Have a happy attitude(态度). Your attitude decides the way you see things. Is your cup half full or half empty? Learn to think more positively(积极地)about the difficulties you face.

41. What’s the main idea of the article?

A. Don’t work or study too hard.

B. What kind of relaxing activities can we do?

C. Getting enough sleep, exercising regularly and eating healthily are very important.

D. How to feel relaxed and happy under the stress of study and work.

42. What’s the meaning of the underlined word?

A. 主动的 B. 认真的 C. 乐观的 D. 轻松的

43. Which statement is right?

A. We need to do as many things as possible each day.

B. Enough sleep is very necessary for keeping us in top form in both body and mind.

C. We should save our time in eating.

D. We should try to make as many friends as possible.

44. To be away from worries, which point is not mentioned in this article?

A. Going to a psychologist(心理学家)for help.

B. Finding time to do the favorite things.

C. Making sure which things are the most important and which people can make us relaxed and happy.

D. Having an active attitude towards life.

45. According to the writer, one should regard his “cup”________.

A. a cup B. half full C. empty D. half empty





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